The Wellesley Community Center has provided meeting space for many Wellesley organizations and has been the home for the Wellesley Council on Aging for over 25 years.  Thoughtful Wellesley residents with a vision, a sense of social responsibility and a willingness to invest in their community built the Community Center nearly 40 years ago. The Community Center’s Directors have listened carefully to the recent requests from our users and responded with some exciting new options to better accommodate the needs of our community.

Our mission… By providing a home for the Council on Aging as well as offering meeting space at the lowest possible cost for numerous town groups, we have all benefited through the public /private partnership model that exists at the Wellesley Community Center.  The Community Center is self-supporting with about 40% of our annual revenues coming from generous donations by town residents and businesses.  The Town pays rent of only $25k annually for the Council on Aging’s offices and use of the various rooms at the Community Center, an amount far below market rates and the Community Center’s cost. The Town also pays approximately $50k annually towards cleaning and attendant services that they desired.  This low rent is subsidized by donations and rental income by approximately $100k annually, and this low-cost offering to the town is at the heart our mission as a non-profit organization.

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