Hello world!

Welcome to the Wellesley Community Center (WCC) blog about the Senior Center initiative!

Our goal is to give you facts about the WCC alternative site, represent the work completed to date, and share artifacts used to discuss our plans with the Council on Aging (COA) and the Board of Selectman (BOS).

Members of the Strategic Planning Committee, all Directors of the WCC Board, contribute the content and we invite comment from everyone who can help us make informed decisions.

The blog is for strategic discussions that are constructive, factual,  and about alternatives being offered by the WCC.  Information or comments that suggest anything else will need to find another forum – sorry, but these are important discussions and the goal is transparency.


Strategic Planning Committee, Wellesley Community Center

About Dennis Archibald

Dennis is a volunteer Director on the Wellesley Community Center Board and is an active member of the Board's Strategic Planning Committee. He has a special interest in revitalizing the Community Center offerings consistent with its mission and believes that a combined Senior Center and Community Center brings the best value to the town of Wellesley.
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1 Response to Hello world!

  1. Ellen Gallow says:

    Hi Dennis,
    Thank you for inviting me to participate in this important discussion.
    Ellen Gallow

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